Online Training on Node.js

To learn Node.js Step by Step. Follow the Tutorials below.

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Node.js Complete Training

Couse Instructor: Pankaj Agarwal

Lesson 1: Node.js – Installation in Hindi

Lesson 2: Node.js – HTTP Module – Creating Web Server in Hindi

Lesson 3: Node.js – HTTP Module – Serving Static Files HTML, CSS, Images

Lesson 4: Node.js – Reading JSON File and Using Routing in Hindi

Lesson 5: Node.js – Handling Server GET and POST Method in Hindi

Lesson 6: Node.js – GET and POST Form Request in Hindi

Lesson 7: Node.js – Insert Records Into MongoDb Database in Hindi

Lesson 8: Node.js – Read records from MongoDB Database in Hindi

Lesson 9: Node.js – Find All Record from Database MongoDb in Hindi

Lesson 10: Node.js – Update records into MongoDB Database in Hindi

Lesson 11: Node.js – Delete records from MongoDB database in Hindi

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