Our Products Journey

Our Products Journey

We have had a great journey and the same way our products journey has been exciting too.

Magnet Brains has become one of the best IT companies of central India.

MB is already moving at an unstoppable pace to become the best in the entire India.

However, when we started, we neither had the capital nor the profits big enough to call ourselves a Pvt. Ltd Company.

We started back in 2011 with developing the WordPress themes and gradually we stepped into the world of WordPress.

From themes, we subsequently started with the plugins.

Then, we moved a step ahead and brought diverse dimension of customization of themes too.

From a single theme to 2500+ themes by now. We are surely dominating the WP market.

After conquering the WordPress market, we moved into the software segment. FormGet, MailGet, MailGet Bolt, Pabbly and a few more to name.

These are our successful development and people are using these all around the globe. We have already built a client base of 45k+ around the globe. In fact, our major clients are from the west. Specifically, we are majorly serving UK, US, Europe Philippines and other parts of the world.

But, the story has never been constant and mainstream. It isn’t just digital products that we have always dealt with. We have even sold off potatoes, not to earn but just to learn the market mechanism. Because market, consumer and seller are three factors which remain the same no matter the domain.

We are still growing and we are in no mood to stop. In fact, with our latest Pabbly subscription, we have just entered the subscription segment as well.

We are working 24/7 to become nothing but the best, to become the leader in the IT dimension..  

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