Our Story

Our Story

We learned it early that jobs were not our cup of tea. 

But business was too much of risk. However, the best part is, we had the nerves to take the chance!

We took our first bold step.

Back in 2009, it was Neepan Tech.

Yes, before Magnet Brains, we were Neepan Tech. 

We were completely into the training vertical. 

But as we were a startup, hardships were sure to come our way. One of biggest hurdle we faced was almost null resource and extraordinary dreams.

We started our training vertical but marketing was a task then. With a small budget of ₹5000/-, we decided to get our posters for our marketing around the city.

3:00 AM in the morning, we used to wander the city in our small moped and used to stick posters till 7:00 AM. 

However, this didn’t get us the desired results. Instead, we got calls regarding the fine that could have been imposed for pasting the posters in the busiest streets of the city.

To our surprise, there were 3 students who say our posters and made an attempt to contact. This was our kick start! 

Yes, our journey began with just three students. 

Then, we boosted from 3 students initially to around 100 students per batch within a year. 

But this was just the start and our dreams were big. 

So, it was time to start something new.

And from here the real journey of Magnet Brains began.

Back in 2011. 

It was a small flat. Two people working on software and WP themes. 

We planned to develop the web products and to sell those in web markets.

Later we realized, it’s easier said than done.

We had products but there were no buyers.

Then, there was a call from someone who made it a deal of 70-30. 

He would sell our software and take 70% of the generated revenue.

Something is better than nothing. 

We agreed as 30% isn’t that bad.

Overnight that guy sold our web products and generated 120k. However, we were just entitled to 300k.

This gave us the push. We understood that selling is more important than creating.

So, we there were long hours of listening to the podcasts, reading success stories, and looking for all the marketing knowledge that we could.

Fast forwarding 2 years.

We managed to buy an office space worth 2.25 crores.

No bank financed us for this. It was our own saving and earnings.

Fast Forwarding 7 years.

Magnet Brains is a registered MNC. It’s one of the leading software company of  India and surely the best workplace in central India.

When we started we were just two. Now, we have a happy team of around 150 members. We have 45k+ clients all over the worlds with big names like Harvard, Cisco and a lot more.

We’ve learned a lot of lessons.

We are growing at an unstoppable pace and there’s no stopping in it.

Now, the sky is the limit to reach!

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