Master the basic elements of web Development. Learn hTML & CSS to create your first web page.

Learn to code and become a web developer this year. We’ll train you from zero to the mastery of most essential elements of web development.

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What Will You Learn?

  • HTML
  • CSS

How will you learn it?

Modular Learning

We have designed our learning modules in such a way that coding will become as easy as eating a pie for anyone out there with developers mindset.

Practical Approach

At Magnet Brains we mainly focus on extensive practical knowledge. Along with the theory classes each trainee is assigned various practical tasks on daily basis.

High-Tech Computer Lab

When you join us for training we are responsible for providing you with everything right from best-in-class study material to latest computer systems.

Our Course Is Designed For

We have prepared our modules in capsular form. Our modules are prepared such that the beginner web applications will become really easier for you to grasp.

Make Sure You Check mark one of those points:

  • Students and pass-outs of Engineering/ Computers degree.
  • People who want to learn codes to develop a web page on their own.
  • For those who want to enhance their skills and their CVs with addons
  • For those who are willing to start their career in web development.

"Building a website is easy, designing one with codes is the real task".

- Paul Scrivers

Start Learning the Basics of Web Development Now!